Martial art(s) Jujitsu
Other Information
Gender Male
First Appearance
Aiki Chapter 60

Andrew is a tall fighter who can move quite swiftly. He wears a distinctive helmet and has most of his face covered. Unlike most of the other members of Veronica's group he seems easy going and relaxed. Andrew is big being almost bigger than Kizuki's house. A long time ago before the start of the series he was experimented on by the soviet union, giving his body supplements. He can also utilize Wind Step like movement and use Seiji's Super Dash. Although he is strong and fast thanks to the experiment, he says most of the other people experimented on like him barely make it to the age of thirty before dying. Joukyuu said that he might not be able to walk in ten years if he continued to use the super dash. He was later defeated by Kizuki Osamu who used small needles to activate pressure points in his knee. Later when he and the rest of Veronica's Organization fought against Joukyuu, Houjo, and their allies he was juggled in the air and then knocked out. His ultimate fate after that is unknown.