Martial art(s) Various
Weapon(s) Chinese Traditional Weapons
Other Information
Gender Female
Occupation Ryobu University student
First Appearance
Aiki Chapter 26

Chamoni is an exchange student from France and a member of Ryoubu's Road of Talent.


She has long blonde hair and a curvaceous body. Her clothes tend to emphasize on her abundant bosom.


Chamoni shows a confident and easygoing and sometimes even childish personality.


Chamoni is a Chinese weapon maniac able to use many of them with great ability, showcasing a versatile fighting style and adapting the choice of her weapon to the current situation.


At first she appeared alongside Kujirai and Habu defeating a bunch of Ryobu students. Then they meet Joukyuu (Going by the name of Choushuu) who comes to flirt with them. After Kujirai defeat at Joukyuu's hands she first makes fun of her and then challenge Joukyuu saying that if he win he can make everything he wants to her. Joukyuu the releases his "Ero Mode" and after quickly defeat her he carried her unconscious to his house were he had sex with her at least five times without even using a condom.

Later still furious about Joukyuu she sees the battle between Habu and Akemi Kageyasu were Habu emerges victorious. When Kageyasu, Takatori and Kizuki are exausted by Joukyuu's feet training she tried of take advantage of it and attacked them. However Hou Mei appears and challenge her in order t save Kizuki. During the fight Chamoni initially overpowers her but when Mei start to use her weapon she succesfully disarm Chamoni forcing her to attack Mei at close range. Mei then after being stabbed in the hand by Chamoni use her technique infused with Inner Power called "Keihou" ("Force Cannon") to hit Chamoni making her bit her tongue and later collapse defeated.

Once healed she challenged Hou Mei again and despite Mei managed to destroy some of her weapons Chamoni still had the upper hand. Just when Chamoni was about to finish Mei she vomited revealing that she hadn't fully healed yet. The two then were evenly matched until Metara using a sniper rifle managed to close her weapon case and Mei finished Chamoni again with another "Keihou". Unconscious and heavily injured Chamoni was sent to hospital.