Dornier vol-12
Martial art(s) Aikido combined with weapons
Other Information
Gender Female
First Appearance
Aiki Chapter 69

Dornier is a character who frequently appears as one of Joukyuu Kunitoshi's disciples and friends. She used to work for Veronica as part of her group.


Dornier has purple horn-like hair and visible fangs, that along with her cape, give her a vampire-like appearance. Her big breasts are emphasized by the cleavage of her dress.


Dornier shows a cheerful and childish personality. She deeply admires Joukyuu to the point of obsession and is fiercely loyal to him.


She uses weapons attached to her hands, each with two blades protruding and with a boxing glove at the end. Their sole purpose is for extending her reach so that the sweeps from the blades can go behind the opponent and strike inwards. Combined with her knowledge in aikido, she proves a valuable ally.


Dornier first meets Joukyuu at Veronica's castle as he pretends to have betrayed Houjo and deflected to Veronica's group. She fights Kageyasu Akemi when they try to find the swords of Houjo's daughters containing the map pieces leading to the uranium mine. She wins the fight. Later on, when Joukyuu shows his true colors and the fight against Veronica starts, she decides to betray the other members of her organization in favor of Joukyuu.

She is later seen again in America, as Joukyuu, Veronica and Kageyasu enter a martial arts tournament and meets her in the hotel lobby.


  • She refers to Joukyuu as "Lao-shi", which is the Chinese term for "Sensei".