Hou Mei
Martial art(s) Kung Fu
Other Information
Gender Female
Family Hou Rei (grandmother)
Occupation Juuzenji High Gym teacher
Ryobu University student
First Appearance
Aiki Chapter 1

Hou Mei was first introduced as a gymnastics teacher of Juuzenji Private Highschool and a martial artist. She later enrolled at Ryobu University.


Hou Mei is very tall and strong. In chapter 20, her grandmother explained that she began to grow rapidly at the age of 10, and when she reached 14, she was already as tall as an average asian. Her grandmother continued that to children, physical power would be more preferable than a technique no one could see, so Hou Mei started obsessing with weight training already at a young age.


Hou Mei is very stubborn and persistent, but she does listen to reason, as seen when she came back from training at Kizuki's grandfather's place having become much skinnier and stopped relying on her muscles so much, following the advise given from Joukyuu Kunitoshi.


Hou Mei fights using Chinese Kung Fu and something referred to as inner power. Inner power is explained by Joukyuu as "the way one concentrates the power of their entire body into one single point". Hou Mei herself stated that it seems like nothing on the outside, but someone struck directly with it would have their internal organs and nerves temporarily collapsing following the blow.

Hou Mei explaining the effects of inner power

However, with Hou Mei's body building obsession she couldn't pull out all of her inner power at first, but when she came back from training, it seemed like she could utilize it much better, having altered her own physical shape drastically. She later uses a technique called Keihou(Force Cannon) which is a double armed strike that uses inner power. Hou mei said to Chamoni that a strike from this would put someone out for ten days.


Hou Mei was one of the first characters introduced in AIKI. Along with Metara she got Joukyuu Kunitoshi to help train Kizuki Rin so she could hold her own against the opposing faction led by Takatori Miu. However it was soon discovered that someone behind the scenes were just playing them against each other.

Hou Mei also played a significant part later in the first story arc, as her grandmother, Hou Rei, was able to help Joukyuu Kunitoshi return to his former strength (he was at 50% because his father had dislocated all his joints and put them back in place).

When fighting students of Ryobu University and Karasumaru Daiki's "Road of Talent", she quickly realized her own weakness, and so she went to train at Kizuki's grandfather's place along with Metara. Later on, she would come back, having become much skinnier and better at using her inner power, continuing to help Joukyuu and the rest against Karasumaru's Road of Talent.

She was accepted into Ryobu University alongside Metara, Kizuki Rin and Takatori Miu, and it's uncertain what happened to them after the first story arc.