Joukyuu Tatsukuni
Other Information
Gender Male
Family Shinonome Ayaka (ex-wife)
Joukyuu Kunitoshi (son)
Occupation Chiropractor
First Appearance

Tatsukuni, a chiropractor of unsurpassed skill, was the father of Joukyuu Kunitoshi and one of the husbands of Shinonome Ayaka.


Tatsukuni was an average fighter but a chiropractical genius. His skill were so great that he was able to dislocate every joint in Kunitoshi's body, effectively cutting his power by 50%.


Believing his son had grown complacent due to his natural talent, Tatsukuni drugged Kunitoshi and dislocated every joint in his body, effectively cutting his power by 50%. He died sometime after that, and Kunitoshi claims he never cried when it happened.

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