Julietta chp11
Weapon(s) Scythe
Other Information
Gender Female
First Appearance
Aiki S Chapter 9

Julietta is a member of the Red Dragoons, a shadowy group based in Spain.


Julietta is a curvaceous woman with long brown hair and a prosthetic left eye. She usally wears a mask.


Julietta is first introduced along with the other members of the Red Dragoons and is later chosen to fight Inoguchi. After defeating her she along with her comrades challenge Joukyuu Kunitoshi but she is defeated when Joukyuu uses her as a puppet and get her hit by her comrades.


Julietta weapon choice is a scythe that she uses in battle combined with a laser pointer coming from her prosthetic left eye. Her sickle is also able to shoot a powerful glue and gas.