Kageyasu Akemi
Kageyasu Akemi
Martial art(s) Jujitsu
Weapon(s) Jutte
Other Information
Gender Female
Occupation Ryobu University student
First Appearance
Aiki Chapter 10

Kageyasu Akemi is a pupil of Joukyuu Kunitoshi and a female protagonist of Aiki and Aiki-S.


Kageyasu has long, straight black hair and thick eyebrows (as described by Hou Mei when Kageyasu first appeared, defeating Takatori Miu).[1] She is depicted as an attractive woman with a muscular yet lean and curvaceous build. Usually, she wears a bra-top underneath a short leather jacket that allows her to flaunt her toned and well defined abs.

In battle, she is rarely seen without her Jutte weapons, however it is rare to see her carry them outside of battle. She also carries spare-parts to her Sanjutte.[2]

Kageyasu's appearance has changed since the beginning of the series as she no longer wears lipstick and appears younger in the later part of the story.


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She often plays the "straight-character" whenever she's around either Kunitoshi or Takatori, as they share much of the same playful attitude, causing Kageyasu to either tell them off or set them straight.

Kunitoshi usually doesn't seem to care for his students or pupils, but if he wants Kageyasu to do something for him, like fight in his place, he doesn't hesitate to point out that she is his student and that she needs to get in real fights to become stronger. 

Kageyasu is the former girlfriend of Karasumaru Daiki. Their relationship status after the events of Daiki and Kunitoshi's battle remains unknown. At one point she trained with Kunitoshi under the identity "Joan the Shadow" in hopes that he would regain enough of his former strength to defeat Karasumaru.


Kageyasu uses two Jutte in battle, one in each hand. She has also been taught well by Joukyuu Kunitoshi, even being able to use his Wind Step technique. She usually combines Joukyuu's techniques with her weapons, but can also freely use the techniques without them. Later on in the story, she has also combined her two Jutte into a staff she calls Sanjutte (literary translation = "Three jutte"), which she carries spare-parts to, as a safety measure.

Kageyasu uses several variations of the techniques created by Joukyuu:

  • Wind Step: Joukyuu's technique in which the user moves fast enough to make his/her body look like it splits apart and turns into the wind.  This allows her movements to be hard to read and lets her la
    Ten hands of lightning

    Kageyasu using Ten Hands of Lightning agaist Marleen

    nd multiple blows within seconds.
  • Ten Hands: By concentrating the Wind Step solely in her arms Kageyasu is able to land multiple hits in less than a second, creating the illusion of attacking with ten hands. She used this technique to fend off Takatori's attacks and defeat her with little effort.
  • Thunder Step: Also called Lightning, is a more powerful version of Wind Step that makes the user's body to look like lightning instead if wind. 
  • Ten Hands of Lightning: Kageyasu's variation of Kunitoshi's Thunder Step in which she combines her master's technique with rapid jutte strikes to attack from multiple angles. By using this technique she defeated Marleen during a spar


Kageyasu's fa
Akemi training

Kageyasu Akemi during a spar fight with Kunitoshi.

ther and Joukyuu's seem to be close, as she stated the main reason Joukyuu taught her was because Jokyuu's father had made a promise to hers while drinking. 5 years before present day in the first arc of AIKI, Kageyasu was one day outdoors training with Kunitoshi. She complained that he never taught her the basics and that he only "teached" her by literally fighting her. However, Kunitoshi then replied that she, or anyone else, have to learn the basics from the pain they experience while fighting, and if they can't figure out what they lack after a fight, teaching them would just be a waste.
Ten hands

Kageyasu striking Takatori Miu with the Ten Hands

Kageyasu appeared in present day as a student from Ryobu University. She met Takatori Miu, knocking down her Juuzenji underlings before challenging her to a fight, which Kageyasu won in a very easy fashion. Then in a encounter with Kunitoshi, Kizuki Rin and a still wounded Takatori, it was revealed (As Joukyuu had supposed) that the attack on Miu was only a way to lure the atention of his former sensei.

Kageyasu vs kunitoshi 2

Kageyasu vs Kunitoshi

She told them that her goal was to stop her boyfriend and fellow Ryobu student, Karasumaru Daiki, from getting stronger and creating his own group of martial artists, not on the side of the government, nor the underworld society's, making them targets on both sides. She thought he was being too careless and that it was getting risky, having to involve shady people for fundings. She also knew that Karasumaru was exceptionally strong, and that the only one who could stop him was Kunitoshi, but in order to ask for his help she first needed to confirm her sensei's current state and skills.
Kageyasu vs kunitoshi

Kageyasu defeating her master

The two had a brief sparring in which Kageyasu found that Kunitoshi (at 50%) was actually pretty weak compared to her, so she had him go see a famous acupuncturist and chiropractor with the knowledge and skills to cure and return his body to how it was before. This specialist turned out to be non other than Hou Mei's grandmother.

Then she joined forces with Kizuki and Takatori in a 3 vs 1 fight against Karasumaru, which resulted in defeat. Because of this she decided to leave him in order to find a way to stop him. She went off to train with Kunitoshi under the identity "Joan the Shadow" in hopes that, besides of improving her skills, this would help her sensei to regain enough of his former strength to defeat her now ex-boyfriend.

After helping Kunitoshi defeat Karasumaru Daiki and his "Road of Talent ", Kageyasu decided to follow Kunitoshi to a new country, along with Balboa, to where Kizuki Rin's grandfather was. There, they would battle Veronica and her allies for a uranium mine. She would also meet Karasumaru again, but ultimately they left their separate ways.

Kageyasu is seen again in Aiki-S as she joins Veronica and Joukyuu in a martial arts tournament in America. She has a fight against Veronica and wins against her when both of them only uses aikido, as Veronica says that she would easily win if she used her sword.


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