Kanisaki Rei
Weapon(s) Whips
Other Information
Gender Female
First Appearance
Aiki Chapter 19
Kanisaki Rei is a member of the Road of Talent. Kanisaki or "Kani" as her comrades address her uses a whip in battle.Some time before the start of the series her father had challenged Joukyuu and lost. She was first seen accompanying Saruwatari Seiji to Hou Rei's accupunction clinic.Later she and seiji were sitting in an alley discussing how kani had beaten a group of yakuza by herself and how Takatori Miu had witnessed it. Rin kizuki passed by the alley and asked seiji for a fight. Then Miu came and similarly challenged kani. Seiji was dispatched because he was excited by a cute girl kani says. She battles Miu and Rin and shows off her whip rings. She later beat both but states that Rin had broken her whip. Later she and seiji are walking outside of Ryoubu University when seiji picks up a bra confirmed to be hers that was stolen by Joukyuu. Joukyuu had used it as bait to kure her into a fight and provoked her further by talking about her father's lose to him. She orders seiji to attack but he is defeated by joukyuu using Hou Mei's Inner power technique