Karasumaru Daiki
Martial art(s) Various (combined with "Reading" ability)
Other Information
Gender Male
Family Karasumaru Kosuke (brother)
Occupation Ryobu University student
First Appearance
Aiki Chapter 14

Karasumaru Daiki is a primary antagonist of AIKI and an exceptionally strong martial artist.


Karasumaru has black, spiked hair and a short beard. He is almost never seen without his large sunglasses, covering up his retinitis pigmentosa. He usually wears a fancy suit and turtleneck sweater.


Karasumaru cares much about strength, and has no compassion for the weak, even if his own subordinates lose, it doesn't seem like he's bothered. He enjoys testing his skill against other fighters, often taking on multiple combatants at once. He is the former boyfriend of Kageyasu Akemi. He once told Joukyuu Kunitoshi that there were times when her cheerines could make him feel at ease, although sometimes he thought she was a bother.[1]


Karasumaru Daiki is conditioned with retinitis pigmentosa.[2] This is a real group of genetic eye conditions that can lead to incurable blindness.[3] This condition was pointed out by Kunitoshi (he said Karasumaru was blind, or at least had very bad eyesight) already during their first meeting, much to Karasumaru's surprise as people normally wouldn't guess he couldn't see very well. Kunitoshi also insinuated that Karasumaru's "reading" ability was "heightened" by his condition, as many blind people compensate by heightening their other senses. Karasumaru's reading ability allows him to anticipate and evade his opponents’ attacks with ease, despite being nearly blind.

Karasumaru is also very strong, and combined with his reading ability he proved an extremely difficult opponent for Joukyuu to deal with, having to dislocate both his arms using techniques from his 80% stage. Before their final battle, Karasumaru also managed to quite easily counter Joukyuu's Iaibarai technique. During their last fight Joukyuu smashed parts of karasumaru's body putting him with the same limit as himself at the time.


Karasumaru Daiki is reputed to be the top student at Ryoubu University and the primary antagonist of the first arc of the story. Daiki wanted to build a group of strong martial artists called the "Road of Talent" and make a name of himself. He tought the quickest way to do this would be to defeat Joukyuu, and so he and his henchmen started challenging Joukyuu and his underlings. His younger brother, Kosuke, was the captain of the Ten Knights. After Kosuke was defeated by Takatori Miu, Daiki appeared in front of Miu and Kizuki, challenging them. He also called for Akemi, and was shown to easily take on their combined efforts. When he and Joukyuu later met for the first time he made the obvious statement that he’d win if they fought then and there, as Joukyuu was still undergoing his "healing" process.[4] After most of his henchmen had been defeated by Joukyuu's underlings or Joukyuu himself, Karasumaru Daiki decided to take on Joukyuu. They fought for a relatively long while, but Karasumaru was eventually defeated by Joukyuu's 80% technique called Raijin.

After their battle, Karasumaru Daiki was last seen looking out on a cliff somewhere.[5] It is not known what became of him after the first arc of the story. However, before the fight he said that he'd decided to leave Ryoubu University.

He was later seen again working for the same international criminal organization as Veronica Yuminowa, though not as a part of her group.


  • "Karasumaru" is the Japanese word for "Little Crow".


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