Kizuki Rin
Martial art(s) Jujitsu
Other Information
Gender Female
Family Kizuki Osamu (grandfather)
Occupation Juuzenji High student (graduated)
Ryobu University student
First Appearance
Aiki Chapter 1

Kizuki Rin was first introduced as a student in Juuzenji Private Highschool and an up-and-coming martial artist. She later enrolled at Ryobu University.


Kizuki is relatively short. She has straight, black hair and usually wears a school uniform.


Among Kunitoshi's group she seems to be the most humane and caring towards her fellow martial artists.


With a videocamera, she managed to quite quickly copy Joukyuu Kunitoshi's moves and techniques. She has shown that she has quite the talent for martial arts and may become a great fighter some day. Karasumaru Daiki also pointed out that she was the hardest one to "read" among her, Takatori Miu and Kageyasu Akemi. She is also skilled at throws as she was able to throw the whole bojutsu club into the air.


She was first introduced as a student of Juuzenji High and the granddaughter of Kizuki Osamu, the director of the school board. However, her grandfather was currently away, so it was believed that Takatori Miu's father would try and overthrow the school. Rin's teachers Hou Mei and Metara then hired Joukyuu Kunitoshi to train Rin for her own protection, and so it all began. However, it was soon discovered that Miu's father wasn't trying to overthrow the school at all, and that someone was just playing Rin and Miu against each other.

Later on, she continued as Joukyuu's student and fought alongside both Miu and Kageyasu against Karasumaru Daiki's "Road of Talent". She would prove to be a valuable asset to the group and would later be accepted into Ryobu University. She is now studying there with Takatori Miu and it's unknown what happened to them after the first arc of the story.