Kujirai eyepatch
Martial art(s) Various
Weapon(s) Gauntlets
Other Information
Gender Female
Family Seleen Kujirai
Occupation Ryobu University student
First Appearance
Aiki Chapter 26

Kujirai is a member of Ryoubu's Road of Talent and the younger sister of Seleen. She goes only by her last name. It is unknown what her first name is.


Kujirai Greatly resembles her sister, the main difference being that her eyepatch is on her left side.


Kujirai shows a very confident personality, sometimes a little bit too cocky which is evidenced by the fact of not wanting Habu's help when fighting with Joukyuu .


Kujirai has a very agressive fighting style that relies in the use of gauntlets as her weapon of choice.


At first she appeared alongside Chamoni and Habu defeating a bunch of  Ryobu students. Then they meet Joukyuu (Going by the name of Choushuu) who comes to flirt with them. Later she goes to one of his classes at the University and fights him but Joukyuu is able to defeat her with ease. Later she battles Akemi Kageyasu but also loses agaist her. Finally she sneak attacks Joukyuu but is badly beaten by him. She is spared by Akemi who interferes in order to save her life .She apparently whispers in Akemi's ear she will have sex with him if she lets her off the hook, Joukyuu calls an ambulance and she is not seen again.  

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