Weapon(s) Dual Guns
Other Information
Gender Female
Occupation Juuzenji High English teacher
Ryobu University student
First Appearance
Aiki Chapter 1

Metara was first introduced as an English teacher in Juuzenji Private Highschool and a gunslinger. She later enrolled at Ryobu University.


Metara looks like a woman from an old western movie. She dresses in full cowboy garments and uses guns while fighting. She has blonde hair and blue eyes.


Like Hou Mei, she is very protective of Kizuki Rin, having been appointed her guardian by Kizuki's grandfather. She is a loose woman who won't hesitate to sell her body to get her ways as evident when she slept with Joukyuu so that he would train Rin.


Metara wields dual guns in combat. Her guns are actually air guns, however the air pressure is 3 times the normal, the guns expanded to .45 caliber and the bullets are hard rubber. She says it's no worse than a baseball pitched at 150 km/h when Kunitoshi asks how it's different from the real thing.

Later on in the story, Kunitoshi and Kageyasu Akemi explain to her that to a well-trained martial artist, her guns are actually useless because he or she would be able to tell the path of the bullet before the gun has even been fired. Her bullets could therefore be dodged quite easily and she wouldn't be able to hit her opponent in real combat. Kunitoshi also gave her a hint, saying she should try to aim at where she thinks her opponent is "going to be", instead of aiming directly at him/her. During Hou mei's fight with Chamoni, Metara shows she has sniping skills by shooting Chamoni's weapon case closed from the top of a far-off building. After she joins Hou mei, Miu, and Rin at Ryobu University, Joukyuu fights Harry , one of Veronica's minions that uses a gun style that he and Akemi hinted at.