Martial art(s) Ninjutsu
Weapon(s) Various
Other Information
Gender Male
First Appearance
Aiki Chapter 82

Nakashima is a ninja and a member of the General's task force.


Nakashima is a man with messy hair and freckles that is always seen wearing an armored helmet.


Nakashima first appears with the General's task forces and thanks to his ninja ability he serves as a spy for both Veronica Yuminowa and the General. Later he faces first Houjo Kaneoto and later Joukyuu Kunitoshi after his battle with Veronica and is defeated by him.


Nakashima is a master ninja that excels in ranged combat using shiriken and wires but lacks in close quarter combat against opponents like Joukyuu. His excellent stealth ability makes him nearly impossible to track or notice exept when he thinks loud out of excitement.


  • Nakashima is a foreigner with Japanese blood.

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