From back to front left to right: Chamoni, Habu, Kujirai, Saruwatari Seiji (middle), Shikae, Kanisaki Rei, Karasumaru, Inoguchi.

The Road of Talent
is a group of strong martial artists led by Karasumaru Daiki. Many of them have been confirmed to be students of Ryobu University. Most of the road of talent was defeated by joukyuu with some being beat by Miu, Rin and, Akemi. Not including Tenhou the original road of talent had eight members. All of the road of talent except Habu and Chamoni are named after an animal. The road also seemed to be connected to yakuza as the were able to acquire the service of a small gang and were disscussing with yakuza about the price of their services. Kani even beat up and cut off the fingers of a small gang in the area. The members are: Karasumaru Daiki, Shikae, Inoguchi, Kanisaki Rei, Saruwaratari Seiji, Habu, Chamoni, Kujirai. It is believed that they are all in the hospital recovering except Karasuaru who was last seen with his car parked standing near the edge of a cliff.