Seleen Kujirai
Seleen kujirai
Weapon(s) Gauntlets
Other Information
Gender Female
First Appearance
Aiki Chapter 58

Seleen Kujirai is the older sister of Kujirai (the member of the Road of Talent). Like Kujirai she uses gauntlets as her primary weapon. She first appeared as a silhouette in Veronica's office. She then stepped out the shadow showing that she looks just like kujirai except with her eyepatch on her left side, with her hair covering it . Then she goes on a mission with Joey to eliminate Joukyuu Kunitoshi. When the initial attack failed she fights Kageyasu Akemi, showing off her gauntlets which have more blades then her sister's. She had the upper hand on Kageyasu but when Joey was defeated she retreated. Later she fought against Joukyuu with Andrew. She then showeds that her gauntlets claws had cords attached so they can shoot out and stun someone like a tazer. She was defeated when Joukyuu tossed her and two others into the air and let them crash.