Shinonome Ayaka

Shinonome Ayaka is Kunitoshi's cold, stern and extremely violent mother. She works as a high profile orthepedic surgeon that is well known on television which allows her to pay her son's bills and living expenses. When he was a child, Ayaka used in her own words continually thrashed him psychologically to keep him in line but in reality to make sure he couldn't lay a hand on her in the future meaning she possibly feared his dangerous potential. Some of the methods she divulged were abandonment, starvation, and her most cruel method to show him the actual insides of the human body (More specifically to hold the entrails of the person she operated on in her hands.) while teaching him about the human body when he was young and innocent. This may explain Kunitoshi's own evil streak making her the only person he truly fears. She may be trying to either get Joukyuu to lose his job or return him to the person he once was by having Tenhou work with Daiki's group to improve their martial arts. When Jokyuu leaves the apartment he used to go on his trip with Balboa, she thinks of selling it.