Takatori Miu
Martial art(s) Jujitsu
Other Information
Gender Female
Family Takatori Tatsuhiro (father)
Joukyuu Kunitoshi (cousin)
Occupation Juuzenji High student (graduated)
Ryobu University student
First Appearance
Aiki Chapter 1

Takatori Miu is first introduced as a student of Juuzenji Private Highschool and the cousin of Joukyuu Kunitoshi. She later enrolled at Ryobu University.


Others have commented that Miu's appearance is very tan. And Joukyuu, having known her from when she was a child, has said that she has grown very well. Metara stated (while angry because Miu called her an old maid) in chapter 55 that she looks like either a beach bum or a call girl. Her tanned and light hair might be a reference to isutoshi's earlier work Slut Girl.


Takatori Miu is very competitive and hates to lose. She sees Joukyuu's former pupil, Kageyasu Akemi as a rival and they often bicker and squabble, even though they are technically on the same side. Like Joukyuu, she is somewhat sadistic, often wanting to break her enemies' bones if they've provoked her in some way. It can be assumed that she and Joukyuu are close, seeing as she often flirts with him.


She utilizes some of the same techniques as Joukyuu, though on a much lower level. Early on in the story, she fought Joukyuu at 50% and gave up after witnessing his Wind Step. When fighting, she also utilizes her surroundings to her advantage, even turning enemies' weapons against them (she used Kanisaki Rei's whips to entangle her legs), making her a very tough opponent to deal with.

She has copied some of Joukyuu's techniques and it's assumed that she is much stronger later on in the story, becoming a student of Ryobu University. She also used her own technique called Falcon wind which is a combination of wind step and seiji's super dash. Together with Rin she can do a move called Two Platoon Iai Hari(Two Platoon Throw) which is a two person throw that can also be used for attacks.


Miu first tried to get Joukyuu, her cousin, to join her side. As he declined, saying it would be "too much of a drag", she later instigated a fight between herself and Joukyuu.

After finding out that her father didn't want to overthrow the school at all, it seems that Miu more or less became friends with Kizuki Rin and joined her and Kageyasu Akemi as Joukyuu's pupil and ally against the Road of Talent, defeating many of their members.

After Joukyuu had dealt with Karasumaru Daiki and the story progressed, Takatori Miu became a student of Ryobu University along with Kizuki Rin, Hou Mei and Metara.