Takatori Tatsuhiro
Other Information
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Family Takatori Miu (daughter)
Joukyuu Kunitoshi (nephew)
Occupation Juuzenji High principal
First Appearance
Aiki Chapter 8

Takatori Tatsuhiro is the principal of Juuzenji High and the father of Takatori Miu.

Tatsuhiro was first introduced as he took Kunitoshi with him so he could "size-up" two candidates for a Ryobu University recommendation. Kunitoshi beat them flawlessly, and in his eyes they would have failed there and then, but he then stated that the principal just wanted to test them and show them the level of skill they would be facing at Ryobu, and that their loss there and then would not change their recommendation.

Tatsuhiro was said to have been trying to overthrow the school, as the chairman of the school board, Kizuki Osamu, was away. However, Tatsuhiro said to Kunitoshi that he wasn't planning on overthrowing the school at all, and that someone was just spreading false rumors to try and get his daughter, and Osamu's granddaughter to fight and leave their spots open for the Ryobu University candidate position.

Tatsuhiro telling Kunitoshi that he has no interest in overtaking the school (at a strip club)