Tenhou Kanemoto
Martial art(s) Judo (1st dan)
Other Information
Gender Male
Family Shinonome Ayaka (mother)
Joukyuu Kunitoshi (half-brother)
Occupation Juuzenji High transfer student
First Appearance
Aiki Chapter 29

Tenhou Kanemoto is a transfer student to Juuzenji High and Joukyuu Kunitoshi's step-brother.


He has a rather weak and fragile appearance and looks like an otaku.


Introduced as shy and humble, Kanemoto is almost the complete opposite of his step-brother Joukyuu. He does, however, have a hidden side to him and powers not yet shown.


Nobody has never even seen him do martial arts and Tenhou himself even said that he never even learned martial arts. His presence is so weak that a female student in his class never even noticed that he was still in the classroom when he was a few desks away from her. However, he has an been shown to be able to jump on top of a post for the candidates of Ryobu that is at least more than double his height with no problem which is an indication that there is more to him than what has been shown so far. Joukyuu mentions that he is only capable of 1st dan judo at most, but it is shown that his real talent lies in his intellect which is around the same level as that of Kunitoshi.


Tenhou Kanemoto is a late transfer student to Juuzenji High who somehow managed to become a candidate for Ryoubu in just a month after his transfer, without arousing the attention of any of the other students. He was revealed to be Kunitoshi's little brother or his half sibling and said to Miu that Kunitoshi's mom married and divorced 3 times. He is later shown with his mother looking around Ryobu University, though he complains about it, and is now working with Daiki to improve the martial arts of those serving under him.