The Ten Knights

The Ten Knights are an essembly of enforcers that serve the top fighter at Juuzenji High. The organization itself is loosely knit with the members caring little for the well-being of their comrades.

Original MembersEdit

The Ten Knights (original)
Aiki-234843 Nancyoozeki Santanaryougoku Keichoukiku Oueichie
Karasumaru Kosuke Nancy Oozeki Santana Ryougoku Keichou Kiku Ouei Chie
Aiki-1915103 Aiki-234723 Aiki-234713 Aiki-234727 Aiki-234764
Wadou Akifumi Eishou Kangen Meitoku Unnamed member


Karasumaru Kosuke was originally the leader of the Ten Knights. However, when he was beaten by Takatori Miu in Chapter 15, she became the top student of Juuzenji High and kicked him along with Eishou, Kangen, Meitoku and the Unnamed member out of the Ten Knights. She also appointed Kizuki Rin as the new Ten Knights' Captain, while she herself remained as the School Top.