Veronica's group

Veronica's Group from Left to Right: Andrew,Harry,Two-unamed-agents,Seleen,Joey, Veronica (at front).

Veronica Yuminowa has a group under her command that works for an even bigger organization. There base of operation is a castle in Poland. It was shown that veronicas group is well off financially as they are able to afford Black Hawk helicopters along with reconnaissance equitment. Joukyuu Kunitoshi commented on this and said it was beyond what terrorist could have. The group also seems to be made of mercinaries and martial artists. The members of Veronica's first groud are Andrew, Seleen, Joey the "X", Harry and two unnamed agents. All of them besides Catacomb and Oubliette were defeated by Joukyuu and their ultimate fate is unknown.

Middle: Joukyyu Left side: Veronica and Oubliette, Right side: De Havilland, Aburo, Curtis

Later a second group composed of De Havilland, Aburo, Curtis and Dornier. When they are defeated a third group led by the General come in. This group has: Gouda, Nakashima, Mikoyan and Karasumaru. After that the the Chieftan himself comes from headquarters with a small group of soldiers. The soldiers wetre beaten by Joukyyu and the gang. The Chieftan goes to the castle beaten and half naked where he is killed by Veronica.
Aiki chapter 82 cover

The General's Group from Left to Right: Gouda, Mikoyan, Nakashima, The General, Karasumaru (at front)