Veronica Yuminowa
Veronica Yuminowa
Martial art(s) Kenjutsu
Other Information
Gender Female
Family Cordelia (mother)
Houjo Kaneoto (grandfather)
Shizuku (aunt)
Marleen (aunt)
Lelulia (aunt)
First Appearance
Aiki Chapter 58

Veronica was first introduced as an antagonist in Aiki. She was the leader of a branch of an organization bent on finding a uranium mine to which Houjo Kaneoto knew the location. She is also directly related to Houjo, as she is his granddaughter, and the niece of Shizuku, Marleen and Lelulia. She is one of the main female protagonists in Aiki-S.

Appearance Edit

Veronica has blond hair and green eyes with interjecting black or white circles, somewhat similar to a bullseye. She usually has a tough and calm look on her face.


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Personality Edit

Veronica usually maintains a stern and serious personality. she seems to be highly confident (if not cocky) in her abilities as she was not at all worried about possibly fighting Joukyuu at 90% of full strength.[1] She has shown to be quite perceptive, as she noticed that Daiki was not able to fight at full strength.[2] Like Daiki she also seems to like testing her skills against other fighters.

Abilities Edit

Veronica is an exceptionally strong martial artist. As she has shown to be quite perceptive and is able to fight on equal terms with both Karasumaru & Joukyuu. She has shown to be quite powerful with a sword. While Andrew and Joey were arguing in her office, she disappeared and reappeared behind them. A moment later they were thrown back as if hit by an invisible force. Houjo said her mother was another talented youngster. She was able to hold her own against Joukyuu in three of their battles, managing to cut him enough to need stitches during their second fight. It seems she's also well versed in hand to hand combat, and shown to be quite skilled in aikido when taking on Kageyasu Akemi. She was even able to use the wind step while trying to copy the thunder step.

Story Edit

Veronica's mother was Cordelia, daughter of Houjo Kaneoto. Her father was an ordinary citizen. Some time before the start of the series both her mother and father died and she was placed in an asylum. She would later join an organization and begin her fight with Houjo in search for a uranium mine.

Joukyuu pretends to join her side of the fight because Houjo already told him that he ripped up the final piece of the map to the mine, so that nobody would find it. Discovering this, Veronica decides that if they're leaving empty-handed anyway, they might as well kill Joukyuu and his allies, so an all-out battle begins. She fights Joukyuu, but ultimately loses to his 90% left hand.

After the battle in the old castle, Veronica is seen again at the beginning of Aiki-S as she joins Joukyuu, now as his ally, along with Kageyasu Akemi in a martial arts tournament in America.


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